16 October 2017

Senator Dino Melaye Meets Russian President, Vladimir Putin In Moscow (Photos)

An excited Senator Dino Melaye met Russian President, Vladimir Putin at the 137th Inter-parliamentary Union Assembly in Moscow, Russia.
The senator, representing Kogi West district, shared photos on his Instagram page and wrote:
With President Putin holding me tight today. Humble man indeed
65 year old Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the current President of Russia, holding the office since 7 May 2012. He was Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000, President from 2000 to 2008, and again Prime Minister from 2008 to 2012.
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“P-Square Is No More So Please Get Used To It” – Peter Okoye reveals

So it looks like we’ve finally come to the end of Nigeria’s most famous music duo, P-Square, as the one half of the group Peter Okoye declares their extinction.
Peter Okoye, in reaction to the viral video of him performing other artist’s songs at his recent concert in Washington, said:
‘whoever posted that video just re-edited it and didn’t tell y’all I was telling a story of how I got inspired and motivated by some of our Nigerian artistes and the rest of the world. Besides, we have more than 100 songs which I performed and entitled to. We even do this even when I was still in a group in most of our foreign concerts. You can verify that on YouTube. So it’s nothing new.
I know it’s because some pple are still sad and mad that Psquare is no more that’s why they want to insult and say whatever. But I understand. Take heart guys, change is constant and I have moved on. 30 children cannot be together for 30 years… so pls get used to it’.
“P-Square Is No More So Please Get Used To It” – Peter Okoye.

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Lady Shares Before & After Photos Of Her Classmate Who Went ‘mentally Deranged’

A beautiful Kenyan lady identified as Wanja Mwaura has won the heart of many after she took to Facebook to share before and after photos of her classmate who went mentally deranged due to excessive intake of drugs.
According to the lady, her friend who is identified as Hinga is now doing well in the rehab at Chiromo Lane Medical Center where he is being taken care of.
Many were left amazed as its rear to find a lady that is kind as she is. Though the guy is still at the rehab as his medication continues.
She wrote;
“What can I say? Am overwhelmed. My classmate. Hinga is now doing well in the rehab at chiromo lane Medical Center.
Compare the photos from where we started n where we are now.
I however need your support to continue paying for the facility
He deserves another chance.
Let’s help him fight drug addiction”
More photos below.

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‘When A Girl Has Beauty Without Brains, The Private Parts Suffer The Most’- South African Lady Slams Slay Queens

According to a South African lady, Nandi Cakes, when a girl has beauty without brains, the private parts suffer the most.
Nandi Cakes took to her Twitter page to blast slay queens who are only concerned about making money with their private parts.
She wrote;
Imagine dating a slay queen you can’t even talk about quantu m physics or global warming..All you talk about are sales at Zara & H&M.
The problem is slay queens & Twitter don’t have brains between their ears. They live in the moment and most don’t even have a 5 year plan.
They think 10 years from now beating their faces will still maintain their hoe is life ideology. They will be 35 & lonely.
When a girl has beauty without brains, the private parts suffers the most.
The reason slay queens trivalize relationship is that they do not know love, they only know money.
Beauty & Brains don’t go hand in hand here.
Slay Queens dress on credit, but will only undress for cash.
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Small Doctor Buys His Mum Another Car

Nigerian singer, Temi Adekunle aka, Small Doctor whose hit single ‘Penalty’ has been on Nigerian airwaves has just upgraded his mum’s garage with another car.
The singer who shared photos of Men of God blessing the car, wrote;
‘God made me add another car for Iya Teacher’
Congratulations to him!
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Nollywood Actress Omotola Ekeinde And Her Husband Get Naughty As They Go Swimming (Photos)

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and her husband, decided to make the most of their Sunday afternoon as the duo went swimming.
Swimming sounds fun until the duo got naughty while doing it. Omotola’s husband can be seen in one of the photos playing with his wife’s bikini pants as they smile for the camera.
She shared the photos writing:
Sunday sweetness… work hard, play harder.
#thecaptain and the leading Lady.
#Honeyboy n #Omosexy 🙈🏊💍
More photos below.

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Nigerian lady Battered By Her Husband On Their Way To Church (Graphic Photos)

As shared by human rights lawyer Emeka Ugwuonye….
Just read the screenshots. It started on their way to the house of the God for worship. Most men who abuse their wives are devout Christians. They quote from the bible a lot.
The lady was initially reluctant to authorize that i publish the pictures. But she finally authorized that i post the picture.
Read for yourself;

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ECOWAS Court orders FG to pay N18m to actress Dorothy Njemanze for labelling her & 2 other ladies prostitutes

The Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, Court sitting in Abuja, on Thursday, ordered the FG to pay N18million to Nollywood actress, Dorothy Njamenze and two other ladies whose rights it held were grossly violated by security operatives in 2011.
According to a report by Vanguardngr, the other ladies the regional court ordered FG to compensate are Justina Etim and Amarachi Jessyford. It ordered FG to pay the trio N6m each for their unlawful arrest and detention after they were declared as prostitutes in Abuja. .
Justice Friday Chijoke Nwoke who delivered the lead judgment, said the ECOWAS court was satisfied that the plaintiffs were humiliated and dehumanised after they were arrested in an operation that was carried out by a joint task force that comprised of military men, police and officials of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board who claimed to have acted on FG’s directive. .
The court declared their arrest as arbitrary and unconstitutional, noting that the security operatives failed to prove that the plaintiffs were commercial sex workers. .
More so, the court held that FG’s action by declaring the three ladies as prostitutes, amounted to gross violation of their rights to dignity since they were only arrested for being outside in the late hours. .
The ECOWAS Court agreed with counsel to the plaintiffs, Mr. Bolaji Gabari that there was no law in the Nigerian statute book prohibiting women from being outside in the late hours.
Meanwhile, reacting to the judgment, the actress, Njamenze, who wept uncontrollably at the end of the proceeding, expressed her appreciation to the court for giving her justice. .
She expressed optimism that with the judgment, the government would reconsider some laws and policies that are discriminatory to women.
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Stripper Shows Off The Dollar Bills She Earned In One Night

A Morrocan born US based stripper, Bubblez Cold shocked online users when she showed off the money she earned in just one night!
The professional stripper (tattooed one) surrounded by her friends, took to Instagram moments ago to show off stacks of dollar bills after one lucrative night and wrote on the caption;
Bag secured 💪🏽 thanks Fort Wayne 😎
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Actress Gabourey Sidibe Wows Fans As She Shares New Weight Loss Picture

‘Empire’ TV series star, Gabourey Sidibe has surprised her fans after she shared this new weight loss picture of herself.
The actress who used to be really big,  was forced to do something about her weight when her health was at risk.

It was reported that she underwent gastric bypass surgery to help her lose the weight.
The surgery was done as a preventive measure to diabetes but even after that, she’s been losing more and more weight.
Gabourey Sidibe is an American actress who made her acting debut in the 2009 film Precious, a role that brought her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress.
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Nigerian Lady Reveals How A Human Rights Activist Released Her HIV Status To Shame Her After They Fell Out

A young Nigerian lady,Ogechi Stella Njoku, has taken to her Facebook page to share how a Human Rights Activist who released her health status to put her to shame after they fell out.
Read what she wrote on her page below;
I owe this explanation to people who may fall prey to the antics of Emeka Ugwuonye of the Due Process Advocate, an online group run on Facebook platform.
Mr. Emeka Ugwuonye portrays himself as a voice to the voiceless, fighting for the susceptible, the browbeaten and also fighting against societal and human menace perpetrated in the land, these claims caught his followers including me. We did believe in him and his visions, little did we know that he was an imminent doom waiting to explode against anyone who dares to counter his modus of operandi when necessary and where needed. He traded like a demi –god and would go to any length to blackmail, smear, threaten and slut shame anyone who questions his activities or had a contra views to his activities, hence, i made bold to say that he is evil personified.
I got to know Emeka Ugwonye and his group the Due Process Advocates sometime last year, when the news of Mrs Chacha disappearance broke out. With keen interest i followed his series of update on Madam Chacha, on the claims that he was fighting to bring to justice whatever that had gone wrong, hence i decided to become his ardent follower and registered with his group.
Prior to becoming his group member, I had a boyfriend whom I failed to carried out an outstanding assiduousness on his personality, life style and status despite the fact that we both resides and work in Abuja. Our intimacy grew, and our relationship metamorphosed into deeper realm of affairs, it became pertinent to run some health test when i fell sick which series of lab test were carried out on me, including HIV test, and it was proven that i was positive. I handed over my lab result to my supposed boyfriend because i couldn’t hid the truth from him, he welcomed it with an open heart, then i forced him to go for test, which he refused initially, but after some series of persuasion from me, he yielded to go with me for a HIV test, yet after the test, he refused to show me his result, rather verbally told me that he was negative, yet to my bewilderment, he was taking my ARV with me. While all these were going on, i didn’t know and never knew that the man was married with kids and were also dating my best friend cum a sister, we were both too busy to have carried out a forensic audit on his person, we took everything he told us hook line and sinker without any iota of doubt.
Like the saying goes, nothing is hidden under the sun, things began to unfold, my best friend engaged me in a discussion and we were discussing on general life, when we both learnt that we were dating the same guy, so we decided to carry out more findings on him, that was when we realized that he was married with kids and that even the name he projected to me as the name of his sister and used the name to collect money from me was his wife who lives in Lagos while he was on posting to Abuja. We found out that where he claimed to be working was not where he works, everything he had projected to us were proven to be false, hence we both quit our relationship with him. So, i started demanding for my brand new HP laptop which i gave to him, because he did not want to return my laptop, he resorted to blackmail, he started blackmailing me with my HIV result and were making demands of money from me, when i couldn’t bear it again, i confided in Mr. Emeka Ugwuonye who claimed to be a lawyer fighting for injustice, he assured me that i would get justice, and as it is in his custom and tradition of DPA that whenever anyone approaches him with a story or problem, he would post it on the group page but will not disclose the identity of the person involved, so I obliged him, he took the case up and sought to publish it with an assurance that my identity would be hidden, which i gave my consent, and it was done so, and my laptop recovered from the man and further blackmailed were stopped.
Considering the effort and the role he played in my case, I became too committed with the activities of the group, supported the group both with cash and social responsibilities, till around February this year, when one of his group admin contacted me to join a facebook messenger called DPA powerhouse where critical decision on how to move forward the activities of DPA were discussed and solutions proffered, I did not hesitate to join because it is in favour of DPA and Emeka Ugwuonye was a member of that mini group.
Everything was moving on well and a deliberations on how to foster the visions of DPA were extensively discussed, it was unanimously agreed that we should carry out awareness campaign on Rape, Domestic Violence and other vices that have eaten up into the society, hence, fund was needed and we decided to make willingly donations to achieve these aims. We did raise the funds via individual contributions.
I strongly believe that Emeka Ugwuonye least or underestimated the amount we could contribute, therefore when he found out how much we had been able to raise, he became interested in the money undermining the purpose for which the money was contributed. He demanded that the money be paid into his personal account as the founder of the group, that the money was raised on behalf of his group, I objected his motions and were strongly supported by every member of the mini group, therefore things fell apart.
Furtherance to my objections to his motives, Mr. Ugwuonye declared every member of that mini group an anti-DPA, hence blocked us and peddled lies against us, again he took it extra far by publishing my health status which he had in confidence to the world via social media just to slut shame me. A man who claims to uphold justice became a breaker of justice, he became the devil. He breached professional ethics of confidentiality of client and inflicting pains which is capable of leading to suicide, Mr. Ugwuonye broke HIV anti-Disclosure law, He broke client confidentiality and he broke ethics of profession.
It might interest the general public to note that Mr. Emeka Ugwuonye have been collecting a registration fees of N6,000 from over 250,000 members of his group claiming that he runs the group as an NGO, yet for over four years of existence, he had failed to register the DPA as an entity under the Company’s law (CAMA). He has refused to be accountable for donations made to his personal accounts which i also did, he fails to represents those who he sworn to protect rather he hurts them and slut shame them. Emeka is not whom he projects himself to be, whosoever that keep on trusting him after reading my ordeals with him and also other victims ordeals does that at their own peril.
I beseech the general public to hold Emeka accountable for his evil deeds; Emeka has done more harm than good.
God bless every woman who stood by me, God bless every man who stood by me, God bless my real friends who never let me down, and they took the bullet shot by Emeka on my behalf. 
I appreciate you all.
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Apostle Suleman Raises Dead Child back To Life (Photos)

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Suleman, reportedly raised a dead child who was brought to his church back to life.
This is still an unconfirmed report, but here are photos shared on social media corroborating the story;
Pastor Suleman Reshared It After CelebrationTV posted the news on their facebook page;
A lifeless child comes back to life after Apostle Johnson Suleman prays to The Glory of God.
October 15th, 2017″
More photos below.
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‘Okorocha is a curse. He smoked expired weed!’ – Nigerians reacts to the unveiling of President Jacob Zuma’s statue in Imo State

Nigerians took to various social media platforms to express their displeasure and shock after Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha unveiled a statue of South African President, Jacob Zuma in Imo state.
The Governor also gave President Zuma, the Imo Merit Award, the highest award in the State which is usually given to honour persons that have distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavours.
A street was also named after Zuma and he was also conferred with a chieftancy title (Ochiagha di oha mma of Igbo Land).
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